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ALD opens new technical facility with a world first
10 October 2011

On October 17, 2011 ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH opened a new technical facility for heat treatment in Hanau. In addition to the existing multi-chamber plant “ModulTherm®” a world first, the heat treatment module „SyncroTherm®“ was installed in the Hanau facility.

ALD’s latest development allows a direct integration of heat treatment into the process chain of mechanical production. View a detailed sequence of the One-Piece-Flow-production here

We offer demonstrations of the plants and their functions as well as heat treatment tests in our technical facility.

For further information please contact:

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Dr. Klaus Löser
Vice President
New Technology Heat Treatment
Tel.: +49 . 6181 . 307-3366
Fax: +49 . 6181 . 307-383366